Low back pain is considered the leading cause of disability worldwide!

It’s something that most of us have experienced at one point or another whether from a rough night of sleep, helping a friend move houses or even picking up a tissue from the floor.

In any case, it’s not fun and certainly not something we strive to repeat.

While there are many causes of back pain, in our current society I would guesstimate that at least 75-80% of the cases occur due to lack of core strength and muscle dysfunction.

More often than not, when I work with someone experiencing back pain, we are able to relieve said back pain with a mixture of posture, mobilization, strength and flexibility work.

There’s always a level of inflammation added into the mix that we use our nutritional foundations to approach and relieve but when it comes to the true issue of why the back is hurting…

It’s often that the client’s glutes aren’t working properly!

When your glutes (very large muscles) aren’t doing their jobs, they can begin to restrict movement in other areas of our bodies. This can put pressure on nerves or create spasms that can resonate in other areas. (Nerves are well known for transferring pain to different parts of the body than where the pain originates.)

When we spend most of our time in a chair during the day, our glutes aren’t asked to work but other muscles are turned on higher than they should be.

Therefore when we stand, our glutes are for all intents and purposes, asleep! They allow the other muscles surrounding them to do their work and this leads to small muscles doing big jobs and pulling incorrectly on the spine.

If you want to stop your back pain, it’s wise to begin with an assessment of the glutes. From strength to posture, they need to be working at 100%.

If you have back pain and haven’t found a way to dial it down or turn it off, perhaps you’d be wise to consider an assessment with our team.

If we can’t help with the issue, we have friends in “high places” who can. It’s time to get relief!