Do you ever forget why you walked into a room? Forget where you parked the car? Send a text to the wrong person because you were thinking about another task?

Brain fog may not be by definition a “diagnosis” but it is a true condition that way too many people experience. 

There are many reasons to feel brain fog:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not getting enough water
  • Being over committed
  • Being over stressed
  • Being a new mom / parent
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Medicinal side effects

If you’ve been experiencing brain fog, it probably means that both your lifestyle and diet are due for an upgrade.

One of the first things I help people work on is hydration. Simply put, without water the body will not continue to function (you are made up of approximately 60% water). By drinking half your bodyweight in ounces each day, your body will be able to get the rest from your excellent food choices (you are making excellent food choices, right?)

Well, if you’re not, try taking out some of the junk and adding in some of these brain healthy foods to begin combatting the condition of brain fog:

  1. Avocado & Avocado Oil
  2. Berries
  3. Dark Leafy Greens
  4. Dark Chocolate (remember a little goes a long way)
  5. Nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans)
  6. Fatty fish like salmon
  7. Turmeric
  8. Red Cabbage
  9. Green tea

And if you need some extra help cleaning up your diet, you know who to call :o)

Bonus: Did you know that exercise can also help your brain health? Start a consistent exercise regimen of at least 30 minutes per day and I’ll bet you’ll begin seeing results in the first 30 days.