Hi everyone, Kris from Custom Fitness here, your personal trainer in Amarillo, TX. I am back today to talk a little bit about an obstacle that many people face throughout their fitness journey: perfection.  If today’s blog resonates with you and you’d like to talk about some options for lowering your standard, let us know: 806-322-3188.

Have you ever let perfection stand in the way of progress?

fear, failure, success, goals, health, fitness Do you feel that whatever you do has to have an ALL OR NOTHING approach?

As a “type A” personality, I know I have.  Too often, I have allowed my fear of the unknown, uncertain and uncomfortable determine my progress in life, health and otherwise. And if I was doing something and messed up, well, that was it, it was done.

Before I became a personal trainer in Amarillo, I was a very shy kid.  To do something imperfectly meant I would be getting unwanted attention and maybe even called out for it — or so I thought.  But now that I am older, I can see the rewards you get when working through fear. That’s not to say that I don’t still feel uncomfortable with certain things, I do. So how do I get over it? I developed a technique to weigh the pros and cons of the situation and am determined to not  let fear keep me from reaching my goals.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, so many people think they have to do EVERYTHING 100% or it won’t work. And worse, that they have to be excellent at something before they ever even try it.

I have a dear friend who, from the beginning, has told me that before he can work with a trainer or go to the gym, he needs to get in shape first. To some that may seem a bit odd but if you look at it from his perspective, you’ll see that his assumption is founded in fear. His fear is based on is the assumption of  if you’re not perfect then you are a failure – whether in the eyes of other gym goers, the eyes of a trainer, not being able to stick to his plan, or otherwise, this fear is now controlling the amount and type of progress he will be able to achieve.

(I am not saying that you can’t get in shape without a gym or trainer, you very much can…it just takes a little more work and thought on your part to do that.)

Well, I have GREAT news for you today if you normally think the way myself or my friend do.


No, seriously, being perfect is overrated. One of the joys of being human is that we are all imperfect beings who can strive to be better. We should always put ourselves into situations that stimulate our growth, be it mentally, physically, or emotionally. If everyone could do everything perfectly all the time, there would be nothing left to reach for.  Do you hear how silly those absolutions sound? Everyone, Everything, Perfect…no way is that attainable.

When an area of fear enters your life, I encourage to you to go through an experiment to challenge these ideas you have put on yourself.  Think of every choice you have not in terms of “win” or “fail”, but as “trial” and “error”.  Take the idea of perfection and throw it out the window.  It is impossible and, frankly, too much unnecessary pressure.

Scientists don’t give up when they hit the “error” point, they change direction, regroup and go forward again to find success.  Bill Gate’s first company crumbled. It took years and several different tries for him to refocus and build the major tech company Microsoft.  J.K. Rowling’s idea for a boy at a wizarding school was rejected by 25 different publishers before one decided to give her a chance.  Winston Churchill lost every election he campaigned in until he became prime minister at 62 years old. These people did not use their “error” as a means to give up because they did not see their efforts on the win/fail spectrum.  They used their mistakes to strengthen their grit and pave the way for their eventual success.

Take a moment today to find a small (or big) way to step outside your comfort zone.

Create a plan to work through your fear of 3 things.  Break these fears down into small steps.  Example, “I am afraid to begin working out because people might laugh at me.”  Okay, so you could be embarrassed; that’s scary.  When I see people at the gyms, I notice a lot of people aren’t really paying attention to anyone else — they are too busy trying to breathe, or push, or watching their own form.  If you’re trying, you are going to be equally focused.

Step one: Focus on the task at hand.

Step two: Say positive things to yourself as you go. That was one rep down? HECK YEAH! That was one more than you did the day before.  Becoming our own personal cheerleader helps our mind get out of the binary of win/fail and will push us to listen to the spectrum of trying different things.

Step three: Set your intention for the day when you wake up.  “Today I will not say the word “can’t” relating to what I am capable of.”  Having a mantra to challenge your thinking will help you when you begin to back slide into your fear bound comfort zone. You can’t go to the studio because people will laugh at you?  That doesn’t exhibit your willingness to try.  In order to succeed you must make yourself able to try

If you can create a mindset without having to be perfect, but where you prove to yourself that fear is not the end all be all, you can  stand victorious on the other side!

Today we turn our fear in to an ability to F.E.A.R. – FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to fitness? Are you afraid of failing even before you set foot in the studio?  Let us help.  We gently guide our clients from the black and white approach to accepting themselves as they are…typically our perfectionists become as motivated by their progress as they are by anything else. If you have any questions about our personal training, nutrition counseling, or group classes and programs, please contact us at: info@customfitness.biz or 806-322-3188. At Custom Fitness we are YOUR personal trainer in Amarillo, Texas. Have a great day everybody.