Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your personal trainer in Amarillo.  Talking to you about not overthinking things and finding your focus to get it done.  This applies to a variety of life’s problems. People will over think exercise. People will over think nutrition. People will over think their routine. It seems people get so caught up in the variables they can’t pull their head up and see the forest for the trees.  Today’s I’ve got some tips for you on just that.  If you have questions about today’s blog or would like some more tips about finding your focus, give us a call: 806-322-3188.  

I have with me a BOSU to illustrate my point. As people play with them, they start to find their balance by stepping side to side. Their curiosity has led them to stability in an unstable situation.

If the person playing with it doesn’t have very good balance, they may begin to overthink what they are doing. “Am I pushing too hard with my right leg?” “Am I leaning too far to one side?” “Should I bend my knees?”  This anxiety multiplies if you add in an exercise or two.  

When we aren’t completely zoned into our current goal – such as following the eating plan everyday, getting in a work out, finishing out the 12 week program, etc. – we begin to obsess over the wrong things. This takes away the impact we could be having towards the goal.

In the BOSU example, if you begin to think “am I putting too much weight on my toes?” The brain will try and balance that out by distributing more of the weight to the heels causing you to fall backwards.  In nutrition, if you think “I can’t eat X, Y, Z. I can only eat A, B, C”. Suddenly, oh no, you don’t know any recipes for ABC ingredients, you find the number on the scale going back up.  Same thing with exercise. I see it all the time as a personal trainer in Amarillo, especially during the summer months, “I couldn’t get my workout in this week because I really just wanted to go outside.”  I’m going to be honest, all the exercises we do here use very minimal equipment and you can do those outside and enjoy both.

People seem to view fitness as a binary.  It’s perfect or its nothing. Everyone can come close to perfect, but setting that as the sole goal will just end in failure. This leads exercise newbies and others to the bubble.  The bubble is where many health-centric people live and breathe. They are in the gym multiple hours a day, they eat an extremely regimented diet, and all they seem to talk about is their fitness.  Unfortunately, living in the bubble doesn’t benefit you the way these addicts would hope.  They are actually forfeiting their lives for an obsession over all the options available out there with similar goals.  I work with the patrons of Custom Fitness on how to incorporate fitness into lives outside the bubble. We teach them how to make healthy choices at restaurants so they can still socialize. They learn how to make the time everyday to fit in their workout whether it be in a parking lot while waiting for a child to finish at school or in the kitchen as the water is boiling.  The world is imperfect. We are imperfect. Why would we believe that our new lifestyle should be perfect?  We have to learn to adapt to life outside the bubble if we want to actually attain our goal.

To begin with, determine your goal.  It doesn’t need to be fitness related. It could be something having to do with a material object.  Whatever your goal is, it can be subject to overthinking.  You know what your end point is, but you have so many options it can be overwhelming. So much so you just kinda start mashing things together and hoping it gets you where you want to be.

When you find new options or ideas, you don’t always know what do. Following the wrong formula of things can lead to frustration and overthinking your routine.  That’s where the help of a professional can come in. Obviously I’m biased towards Custom Fitness if you’re looking to improve your health and body, but a professional in the same field as your goal  will give you the outside support you need. They can provide you with the recipe of how to put the variables together for an optimum result.

I am so proud of a client who joined us 8 weeks ago.  She came in with a new diagnosis of Diabetes. She wanted to get help lowering her blood sugar levels to get off of the medication her doctor prescribed. Her initial blood sugar was pretty severe; Her A1C was over 12.  When she was first diagnosed, she jumped headfirst into overthinking her situation. She bought a ton of diabetic cookbooks even though none of it sounded appetizing. How could she improve her situation if she couldn’t eat the food that was recommended to her by these books? Cue feeling confounded. That’s when she came to Custom Fitness.  We taught her how to put the diabetic ingredients together in a way that she found delicious and she now has a new box of recipes and coming up with more everytime we see each other.

I am extremely proud of her because she didn’t let her overthinking get the better of her. When she realized she wasn’t going to get to her goal alone, she sought help.  She began with a A1C of 12+ and is now at 6. She has lost 17 pounds and 16 inches. She didn’t do anything crazy. The doctor asked her how she did it? She admitted that she modified her lifestyle by exercising and eating the right (tasty) foods.  I am so impressed with her because she got out of the binary mindset. There wasn’t a “right” or a “wrong”, there was only a need to adapt to improve.   

Maybe today the gym you are at is keeping you in the bubble or forcing you to find the perfect way of doing it.  Maybe you’re ready to start incorporating fitness into the life you want to lead rather than having it consume your identity.  That’s what we do. We aren’t your traditional gym. As coaches, we are here to provide helpful solutions for you. The world of fitness has become overly complicated with polarizing opinions on everything.  

At Custom Fitness, we do all the research for you. We vet your options and provide you with the most simplified version of what can be done to get you into the healthy lifestyle you want. This helps our patrons keep from overthinking their situations, remain focus, and get them to their goals. If you’d like our help, reach out to our team at 806-322-3188 or e-mail us at info@customfitness.biz. We’d love to have you in for a consultation to find out if we are the right fit for one another. At Custom Fitness, we are YOUR personal trainers in Amarillo, Texas. Have a great day.