Losing weight has nothing to do with a person’s genetics. I know. With the right plan, lifestyle, focus … Anybody can do it. Losing weight has nothing to do with having the right equipment. Really just your own body weight and some simple bands and dumbbells can do the tricks, so it’s not about this.

And losing weight has even less to do with celebrity diets and workout programs that have been popularized by popular social media outlets or other factors online.

Whether or not you’re a current client of Custom Fitness, it’s important to me that you know this and that’s why I’m telling you today. There’s really three main reasons that people struggle to lose weight, and each one has to be adjusted to your lifestyle, depending on where you’re at on things and what you’re looking for. But if you’re truly serious about your fat-burning success then these are three things that we need to think about.

Number one is that people who fail to lose weight typically lack guidance. They are the people who set out on their own to achieve their weight loss goals. Maybe it’s because they want to do it alone. They want that recognition. Maybe it’s because they just feel like that’s the only path that they have to take. Maybe it’s because they think that they know what they’re doing, but in truth, they really have just listened to what other people have said might work and jumped on the bandwagon with them.

That’s typically a critical error. Generally those people are not really headed anywhere fast. They often give up because they lack direction, and they lack motivation. It’s not anything to be said in a negative tone towards them. It’s the way that we’ve been trained to do this, right?

As Americans, we’ve been told that we are supposed to be able to lose this weight, and we should be able to do it on our own. If we can’t then we’re being ridiculous. Well, that’s just not true. What is true is that sometimes some direction and motivation can help, and that’s where professionals like my team come into play.

Number two is that people who fail to lose weight typically practice bad habits. Whether it is misunderstanding proper nutrition, nutrient timing, or just trying to do the wrong diet all together. Sometimes it’s the wrong exercises at all the wrong times. People who fail to lose weight generally do so because they have very poor habits.

Recently we had a group from a business that was doing their own weight loss challenge. They were only using us for our Fit3D Scale to be able to check measurements and make sure that they were reaching their goals. They were doing the challenge part on their own, so in an eight-week challenge they came to us in the first week and then they came to us again at the end of the eight weeks.

At the end of the eight weeks there were some people that I felt truly sorry for because they had worked really hard, but it was on all the wrong things. They had done exercises. They had done diets, but as they told me what they were doing, and we looked at the results that they got, we found that their routines weren’t really making a lot of sense. So we were able to help to guide them forward. Give them some guidance on where to go, and that’s a huge part.

The only hope for the people that are misguided is for them to really to wake up and surround themselves with a fitness professional who can point them in the right direction so they can begin practicing good habits now that will point them in the right direction.

We always want to be moving forwards, and yes, having the help of a professional can be a good thing, right?

I always say that I wouldn’t go and pull my own teeth. I’m going to go and let the dentist take care of anything that needs to happen with my teeth. If I need to stand trial I’m going to hire an attorney, because they know best there. For some reason the world of fitness just doesn’t seem to stand that way in a lot of people’s eyes, but in truth, there is a lot of science behind why we do what we do and how to do it.

If you’re doing it properly, you can get great results, and if not, then you end up wasting a lot of time and money sometimes.

All right. Reason number three that people fail to lose weight is they lack accountability and support. That really has to do with how they’re surrounding themselves. Maybe that’s you. Maybe it’s not even purposeful surroundings. Maybe it’s just the same friends and people that have been in your life this whole time, and it’s just hard to create these new habits and this new lifestyle whenever you don’t have the support that you need on the outside of your fitness world.

It’s where we’ve got to create some support from the inside, and see maybe if there are any relationships that we can change on the outside. But without accountability it’s easier for you to fail.

It’s easier for people to skip a workout, because nobody’s looking. It’s easier for people to just put half effort into something and quit whenever it gets too hard, just because they don’t have somebody to answer to. They don’t have somebody who’s going to lift them up, motivate them, and keep them going. If they had that, they could succeed. That’s the bad news.

But here’s the good news. All of this can change, and anybody who wants to embark on a weight loss journey or a fat-loss journey can do it if they incorporate those three factors that we just talked about. If they are willing to step outside of their own mentality, outside of their own ability to do everything on their own, incorrectly on their own, and allow someone to help them, a lot of times they find big time results.

It’s just amazing how much that can help out. Just that little bit of support, just that little bit of direction, just that little bit pushing you forward, creating that motivation, because without that sometimes we just feel lost. We get stuck in our little world where everything is busy. Everything is crazy.

I just met with a woman last night who, love her heart, has been pushing really hard on all of the things that we’ve been working on, but life just gets in the way sometimes, and so we feel like we backtrack, and are constantly creating a new plan. And that’s not a bad thing. That’s ebbing and flowing. That’s adapting to our situation. So it’s not that we’ve lost ground. It’s that we’ve taken a step on this plateau, and now the plateau is changed. It’s gone higher, and now we have to take that step up, and we have to constantly do that.

For some people that may be a four or six-week process. For others, it’s every week, or it’s every other week. We just have to make sure that we have a solid plan. What I can tell you is that people like that, whenever we work with them, over time they start to figure out how to hold onto the basics that make things stick, the things that really work, and move forward even if it’s not at this lightning pace that all of us would really like to have happen, right?

I mean, you break your ankle. You want it fixed tomorrow. But the same thing with weight loss. We typically expect these unrealistic time limits of results instead of continuous program, and what we get our clients to understand and or clients achieving is that each day that they step, they step forward. If they march in place for a day, that’s okay. But then we step forward again, instead of constantly working backwards, and that’s what a lot of thee crash diet plan or really severe, intense exercise programs are doing. They may feel like they take you forward a few steps, but they bring you back twice as many, and so we want to help people to move forward.

If that’s something that you’re looking for, if you need a little guidance, help, motivation – that’s what we do for our clients. We help to build these habits so that they can build consistency over time with moving forward towards their goals and becoming a healthier version of themselves.

Feel free to give us a call. 806-322-3188. We’d love to help you out. We’d love to hear about what you’d like to discuss on Facebook too, so if you’ve got some ideas or questions, feel free to post them on our page, and I’ll be happy to get a video up for you. Hope you have a great day.