Hi I’m Rhonda Rodgers and I’ve been with Custom Fitness for about 15 months. When I first started my struggles were everything. From how to  exercise to what to eat… I just needed a lot of help.

I’m Daneen and I’ve been with Custom Fitness for about six months. I drank lots of sodas and I was not dedicated to my workouts.

(Rhonda) I just didn’t feel good overall exercising. Getting help with nutrition has really given me a new life. I feel like doing things and my health is better. Overall I just feel like a new me!

(Daneen) I am able to do things with my family that I didn’t have the energy to do before. We are much more active; we exercise more often. I sleep better at night.

(Rhonda) The constant support as far as nutrition goes and learning the correct way to do exercises has helped me a lot. I am not trying to do something that is too advanced for me in the beginning, but worked up slowly to where I now have confidence in myself.

(Daneen) The support is amazing here. They help keep your goals in the forefront of the programs and then they provide reinforcement of those goals.  The positive reinforcement you receive is so much fun and helpful.

(Rhonda) I actually enjoy working out and I’m making more Positive Choices or at least when I’m not making a positive Choice as a conscious decision.

(Daneen) I’m more aware of my choices also. As for Rhonda I’d say that she is inviting people to workout with her and is more inviting and outgoing now. As her friend, I have gotten to watch her change in that way.

Thank you so much ladies. You guys are the reason we do what we do.  Keep coming back and the results will keep coming.  We look forward to our next session with you.  If YOU would like to experience what our clients have, give us a shout at 806-332-3188 or info@customfitness.biz. Our personal trainers in Amarillo will be happy to talk with you about your ambitions.