Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about if it’s possible to lose fat fast and keep it off. If you have any questions about today’s blog, please give us a call at (806) 322-3188

So, can you lose fat fast and keep it off? This is the biggest question that people are asking in January. We all want to lose fat, and lose it fast. It seems like we’re all looking for that magic pill, but sadly it doesn’t exist.

The problem is that all of these advertisers, and all of these marketers in the fitness industry tend to make it their business to push on your pain points. They tell you exactly what you think you want to hear, and they make it sound like the perfect option for you to try and solidify whatever results that you are wanting. And the problem with these programs is that they are so generic or so unsafe that you really can’t find lasting results with it.

However I’m not going to tell you that you won’t see anything. Take the idea of those plastic suits or shrink wrap, it’ll help you lose inches but it isn’t long term. There’s lots of ways to lose inches through this process, but ask yourself if it’s safe, effective, and long term. If you’re doing something you wanna make sure that it’s going to last and that it’s safe, and if it’s not safe then that obviously not your best choice. If it’s not going to last, then why waste the money and the time on it?

There’s so many different options out there this time of year that you almost get dizzy. It’s like everyone is coming at you from every direction.

I try to give you the facts and the information so that you can make the best choice for you. Each person is so different and needs unique solutions to their problems instead of having one generic solution. That’s kind of why we named our business Custom Fitness. Everyone has their own unique needs.

So when you’re looking at losing fat fast, what kind of options are available that we keep hearing about? Well, there’s juicing, and juicing can be excellent for your health and it can be a great thing to do. But, if you juicing alone as a fast, rather than having all the macronutrients and micronutrients that you need, then you could end up doing some actual damage to your body.  So just a juice fast is kind of like living off of fruits and vegetables. Your body wasn’t made to run just on that, it has to have some other macronutrients in there. So you really want to make sure that you’re balancing things well, and getting things done in the right way.

And again, juicing is a good thing to add into your nutrition plan, and it’s definitely a great way to detox the body. However if you do that just as your sole food, especially if it’s for more than a day, then you can really end up doing some harm there. So be sure to do the research on that and see if it’s really the right direction for you.

Another thing that I hear about a lot is detoxing. Whether it’s a juicing detox, or a supplement detox, or just something where you don’t eat, there’s so many ways to do a detox. Detox has kind of become the new it word. You could slap the word detox on anything and people would be running to buy it. But you don’t have to have a specific product in order to cause what’s technically defined as a detox. Detoxification is when we’re allowing the body to release extra toxins and inflammation that it may be holding on to.

There are a lot of very safe ways to detox, but there are also a lot of very dangerous ways to do that. You have to really know which way is healthiest, and that’s where you get advice from a professional. It could be a dietician, nutritionist, or someone that has been working in that realm and can understand the body physiologically. Be sure that you’re getting advice from someone that is trying to lead you to better health, rather than into more disease.

Now we’re going to get back to talking more about different methods to weight loss in part two of this series. In the next blog I’ll be talking about supplement packages as well as the real cost of going one route instead of a healthier one.

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