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It seems we are told almost daily that if we don’t do anything else in life, we should build a stronger core.

They aren’t wrong. Core strength is a foundational piece of our balance, strength, posture and overall ability to do things without hurting all day long.

The problem most people have is they think they’re doing the right exercises but when push comes to shove, they don’t have the strength they’d hoped to achieve by doing them.

There are millions of ways to work the core, especially when you remember that the core is your entire torso, front, back and sides…not just your tummy.

But the first exercise on most people’s minds is the plank.

Done correctly, the plank can give you great benefits, done incorrectly, it can leave you at best with no results and at worst in agony.

Let’s take a look today at how to do your plank…better.