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Breakfast is hit and miss for a lot of people.  It seems that one half of population won’t eat breakfast and the other half of people think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

For me, I believe that it is important to eat a meal within the first few hours after you wake up.  This revs up your body for the day. This doesn’t mean when you roll out of bed you need to shove some bacon in your mouth and start your day.  Try and eat within the first few hours of getting up though because your body was fasting (or starving) as you slept.

Waking up you’re dehydrated, you’re low on food, and what is the first thing that you reach for in the kitchen? Most people would gravitate towards cereal, a bagel, coffee, or heaven forbid donuts! You wake up in fasting mode; your body doesn’t have any fuel to go on and it’s burning out the fuel that was stored in your cells. Then you grab something that is filled with carbs, or sugar, or both.  If that’s your regular breakfast, your blood sugar begins to spike. Your body extracts the sugar from the food, absorbs in the bloodstream causing sugars to rise , and then the body releases insulin to protect you from too high of blood sugar. Surge of insulin reduces the blood sugar and that’s when you feel the “crash”. Eating things like that when your body is vulnerable is what is spoiling your your results and your day, too.

When you start off with those foods, you may notice you have more cravings throughout the day.  Your energy will yo-yo between feeling ready and revitalized to sluggish and sleepy. As a personal trainer in Amarillo for a while now, I see this sort of thing regularly with office workers who sip coffee during the workday to keep their focus. Alternatively, if you’re eating properly your energy will stabilize and you don’t have to depend on sugary, carby, fatty foods to keep you awake.  The more level that your energy is and the more level that your fuel sources are the better that your body is going to be able to function on its own.

Now let’s say that instead of carbs and sugars, you filled your plate with lean protein, healthy fats, and, yes, even vegetables for breakfast.  You would be eating a balanced breakfast that will leave you feeling satisfied (full) for longer.  If breakfast is supposed to last you until your morning snack or even until lunch, why not eat something that is going to keep your stomach feeling sated and your energy in tact?

Aside from impairing our blood sugar levels and our energy, those sugary and carb filled treats actually lead to sugar cravings throughout the day. If your breakfast is carbs, sugar, or coffee, you may notice the afternoon crash you reach for more sugar, carbs or coffee to regain your energy. Lather, rinse, repeat depending on how easily your blood sugar crashes. Snacking on sugar is just you consuming a ton of excess, empty calories and perpetuating the cycle.

Yes, some experts say that dark chocolate is good for you and in moderation at the right time it can be. True cocoa or bitter cocoa can be really great for you, but even that in excess can cause weight gain. So if you’re boosting your energy with a bit of sugar here and there, then first off you have some issues that need to dealt with nutritionally.  Second, you’re adding extra inches to your waistline that you do not want for energy that can be garnered in other ways.

Now, we all know that the holidays are coming and we don’t need extra inches on our waistline. Instead of grabbing the candy dish, try to prepare meals ahead of time. Really focus on a balanced first meal of the day. Increasing the amount of vegetables you eat everyday will really help your cravings for sugars, fats, and carbs subside.

Another breakfast favorite is coffee. For some reason in America, coffee has become breakfast. I’m not sure how that happened. There is no satisfaction to coffee as far as hunger is concerned, other than filling up your stomach with a liquid. Now we know that if we only drink liquids only, that we tend to feel hungrier faster. If you are waking up after fasting for 7-10 hours, already dehydrated, and then go grab a cup of coffee, you’re just asking for a day full or poor food choices.

Coffee is a diuretic (it increases your urine output).  Meaning drinking coffee will cause you to become even more dehydrated than you were when you woke up.  The first symptom of dehydration is fatigue and mental fog. Even though you feel more energized, a lot of times it’s actually coming from the mental belief that you’re going to feel more energized rather than feeling the effects of the caffeine.

Caffeine affects people in different ways. Some people can drink caffeine and not feel any energy rush, other people drink it and physically get an energy rush, and others have a placebo response where they think they get energy from it, so they do.  Drinking a diuretic when you’re already dehydrated is going to get you hankering for more empty calories in order to stay awake (not to mention the increased brain fog). You’ve provided the body with very little nutrition and probably more pesticides than what you would like to think. It’s rare to find someone who drinks black coffee. Most people are drinking milk and sugar with a splash of coffee. If your coffee is white, then it probably isn’t the drink doctors are promoting when they say it can be good for you.

If you’re looking to pack your day with consistent energy and eliminate the post lunchtime lull, upping your breakfast game is where to start. I said start because your body is going to fuel itself throughout the day, so you have to make balancing all of your meals a habit. You can balance them out by cooking up some lean proteins, healthy fats and vegetables.  Find that balance and continue that throughout the day.

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