We desperately want to believe that we have control over everything in our lives. Reluctantly in the past 12 months, some of us have learned that simply isn’t true.

What we have also learned, however, is that we DO have control over pieces of our lives.

One of those pieces is our environment.

In what feels like a lifetime ago, I worked with children in several settings from babysitting to mothers day out programs and more. When a child thinks they will get in trouble for something, their first instinct is to blame someone or something else.

Too bad for us grown ups, that instinct doesn’t go away 100% just because we’ve had more birthdays.

In fact, in the realm of health and fitness, I think it actually becomes heightened.

How many times have you started with a goal in mind to “do better” or “get in shape” and said something like “this time I’m going to make it work”?

I think we all know what happens next…it starts out well but sooner or later our best intentions get shot down when something in our environment pulls us in the opposite direction.

It may be something as simple as that comfy couch that you always eat chips and hot sauce on while watching your favorite show or a group of friends that “tease” you because you won’t have a drink and dessert with them on girls night, or perhaps your husband is helping time your exercises while eating oreos on the couch.

It doesn’t matter what the trigger is, the issue is that your environment just coaxed you into caving.

You’ve allowed something else to decide whether you will reach your goals or not.

And sadly, after it happens, we always put the blame on those things.


You get to decide. It’s not weakened will power (we can have a whole other discussion on that a different day). It’s weakened determination.

Instead of being fully determined to get and stay on track, you have allowed yourself to have an “out”. Something to free you from the decision you made. And better yet, you’ve given yourself something to blame later about it.

It’s time to step up like a grown up and take responsibility. If your environment is holding you back, change your environment.

Instead of eating chips on the couch, grab a salad or better yet, stay off the couch.

Instead of girls night out with high calorie ingestibles, how about a movie night or going for pedicures?

Instead of having your hubby clock your times, download an app and use a timer.

There are always options. Sometimes we can’t see them, sometimes we don’t know about them, but sometimes we CHOOSE not to use them.

Evaluate the environmental triggers you have and look at the options of removing them.

Still feeling a bit cloudy on this? Shoot me an email with your triggers, I’d love to be able to help you reach your goals this year once and for all.