Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your personal trainer in Amarillo. Now that the leaves are falling and the days are getting cooler, it’s a perfect time to talk about fostering an attitude of gratitude. Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. Why not try optimism on for size this season?  If you have questions about today’s blog or would like some help focusing on the positive parts of your body, give us a call: 806-322-3188.

Cynacism is a hole that is very hard to climb out of.  When you start to frame things through a pessimistic filter, your quality of life plummets. It’s hard for people to want to be around you when it’s all complaints, all the time.  Attitude is everything, when it comes down to it.  There are those of us who are control freaks and would love to be able to take the reigns of every situation we encounter. Unfortunately, that’s not feasible. Don’t let that get you down. You can still control your attitude. You can manage how your internal talk is responding to the external stimuli. Trying times can test your spirit. The what in those situations is far less important than the how.

40% of our happiness is how we choose to respond to stressful situations. When you get in the habit of focusing solely on the negative circumstances of every hurdle, your mental and physical wellbeing begin to deteriorate. Similarly, when you make a conscious effort to focus on the positive in every situation, your health and wellness will increase.

Research says that people who actively practice gratitude reported having:

  • More satisfaction with their life
  • Experience greater vitality
  • Usually healthier
  • Quickly adapt to adversity in stride
  • Form stronger, lasting relationships with others
  • They also are found to experience lower levels of depression and stress – imagine that during the holiday season!

Those are some incredible results from just taking some time to appreciate what they have.

Practicing gratitude is easier than you think.

  • Write a thank you note – not necessarily for a gift, but for experiences. Has someone brightened your day lately? Let them know.  
  • Write in a gratitude journal everyday. I’m not talking a novel, but a short blurb where you reflect on the things you have that make you feel “lucky”.
  • Keep a log of the highlights of your day.  What were the top 3 best moments you experienced today?  My sister and her husband do this every night before bed.  They have a rule where even if the day was crappy there must have been something that was good.  They say it helps them learn more about one another and allows them to reflect and filter to the good things.
  • Take a moment to be still in a quiet space and count your blessings.  
  • If you’re more of a people person, tell someone you appreciate what they’ve done for you. It could be for their time, their consideration, their encouraging demeanor. Whatever they did to make you feel worthy.  You can also just keep this to yourself and mentally thank that person.
  • Make a gratitude jar.  Everyday each member of the family writes down one thing they are grateful for on a small piece of paper. Fold it up and place it in the jar. Then at the end of the week, month, or year, gather around and read through those notes.

Handling rough days is made easier when you have already instilled a habit of gratitude. Your lense is not clouded by the “what if”s or the “but I…” statements. You will see these troubles as mere stepping stones to something greater.  That attitude will materialize in your health too.

Budget some time between your family, work, and social obligations specifically practice being thankful. Consider what it is you are grateful for. What has gotten you to this place today? What has made your life a little easier?  What is something you never thought you could do without until now?  Doing this everyday will start to change the way you think.

I’d like to add that sometimes people struggle to appreciate the body they currently have. Even as a personal trainer in Amarillo, I sometimes get caught up in what society tells me is the “ideal body”.  I can’t let that get me down.  It’s hard to fight to love yourself when media is telling you not to. Of course, there’s room to change (unless you’re an extreme case where you love your body and you want to keep it the exact same forever).  Change begins with accepting (being grateful for) who you are now. Loving who you are and where you’re at now, can help you set the groundwork for big changes later – if that’s what you want.   

Today try and find two things you really like about your body.  Maybe you can manage all the groceries bags on one arm while you have a baby on your other – that takes an enormous amount of strength and balance. Perhaps you are able to cut glass with your killer cheek bones.  Maybe you have crazy good reflexes, allowing you to save Grandma Betty’s favorite vase from the floor. Perhaps you can still walk without the assistance of others. Maybe you are able to still fit in the same pants that you have had for the 5 years.  Whatever it may be, big or small, find a few things to appreciate about who you are everyday.  This will result in a new appreciation for your abilities and be able to take notice as you progress toward the body you want.

At Custom Fitness we personalize your program, including exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle modification, to you and your needs. If you’re headed out of town to be with family this holiday season, no worries. We can make a program for you to do in a house, hotel, or even on the side of the road.  20-30 minutes at the most with little to no equipment. We can also help you form some healthy eating habits so you don’t overdo at the Thanksgiving table. We’ll also help you learn some unique ways to quell the cravings while still remaining satisfied and on track towards your goals.

Don’t delay on getting the body you want underway. The schedule for personal, private, and semi-private trainings is starting to fill up. Get in touch with our team ASAP and we’ll find a spot for you before the Jan 1st weight loss crowd starts. Take some times today to be grateful and to reflect on what makes life really worth living. If you’d like our help, give us a call 806-322-3188 or e-mail us at info@customfitness.biz. We would love to help you out.  At Custom Fitness we are YOUR personal trainers in Amarillo, Texas.  Have a great(ful) day!