Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about all the little things adding up to big change. This is going to be the first part in a two part series, so be on the lookout for part two coming soon. And if you have any questions about today’s blog, then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

A lot of times, I’ll have people come in and meet with me and they say “I just don’t know how I’ve gotten to where I’m at. I went to the doctor and now I’m unhealthy. I’ve got these chronic issues now.” Maybe, it’s pains or maybe it’s things like diabetes and high blood pressure. They just can’t see where it came from, so we have to take some time to kind of step back and look over the past not day, not week, not month, but even like the past decade to find out what’s going on. Really, the truth is all the little things add up.

I was thinking about this really recently because I’ve been helping out with a theater production of some high school and junior high kids and there’s about 34 of them. My job is to stay back backstage as manager and help them all to find peace in the moment and not be screaming and yelling back there because they’re so darn excited.

Because it’s a great time, they’re so excited back there, ready to go on stage and perform. I have to keep them under control so that, number one, they can focus on the show, but, number two, so they don’t get so loud that other people get distracted. It’s kind of funny though because if you watch what happens when you have a group of people like that, you get one or two together and they’re talking quietly, it’s not a big deal.

But then, you start adding three and four and five and six and the more people you get, the louder it gets. Even though, they may have all started out at the same level. Now, they’re trying to talk over each other and people get excited and you’ve got everybody laughing and having a fun time.

It’s kind of like that in our lives where we start out with one or two things that aren’t really that bad. We start out with having a week where we’re like “Man, I really fell off track with my nutrition and I haven’t exercised in days,” but then it adds up. Months go by and those days that you weren’t eating well start to become more and more and those days that you weren’t exercising become more and more.

The days that you’re not even thinking about taking care of yourself become more and more. I’ve been there. I have personal experience with that. I’m a human and it’s hard and especially when life gets crazy. In the past six weeks of working on this production, I can tell you that my life hasn’t been quite how it normally is, and so it’s been very hard to get my things in as well from even outside of eating and exercising, just taking time for me each day to breathe, to pray, to meditate, to do all those kinds of things really has been a struggle as well. I get it.

I’m right there with you, but we have to remember that those little choices that we make every day, and they are just that, they are choices that we make to do or to not do, they either add up to our success or to our demise.

We’re going to fall off the wagon completely if we allow those to add up. What we got to do is instead of thinking of leaping because we get to this point of self destruction where all of a sudden we can’t figure out what’s going on to get us to where we’re at and we think “Man, I’ve got to leap out of this pit.” Well, it’s kind of like quicksand. Instead of leaping and trying to struggle your way out, we have to move slowly and with efficiency. We’ve got to be able to think through our next move, think about what we’re doing, and be intentional with it. Being intentional is a huge part of your health and wellness. We think that we can go through life and not have to worry about it.

So i’m going to end part one here. In part two we’re going to be talking about how to be intentional with your health and wellness. I know that it’s a hard thing to do. We got such busy lives and things just keep piling on, but there is a way to take care of yourself and keep life in balance. Once you start making these changes and start to be intentional, the little things add up. Instead of letting the bad things add up, let the good.

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