It’s January…and I know what you’re thinking-

“I wish my abs looked better!”

Well, I won’t fill your head with nonsense about how you can do an exercise and end up with washboard abs because hopefully you know by now that abs are built in the KITCHEN.

That’s right, you need to be eating right in order for your physique to change.

However, you can build core strength and muscle tone through exercise which can shine through as you begin eating well and the layers of “fluff” begin to melt away.

To that point, here’s an awesome tri-set (see videos below) to set your abs ablaze and begin that process.

Start with 30 seconds of each moving from one to another without a break between and build to 3 sets of 45 seconds each (taking a break only at the end of each set – ie. #1,#2,#3, break, repeat)

If you need to modify, go slower, take more breaks or go for less time.

I’d love to know what you thought of these, feel free to let me know how they went for you.