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Everyone likes to procrastinate right? It’s just a part of human nature. So anything from putting off doing exams, to food prep, we just love to put off doing the things we need to do. It’s like with small kids; they only want to do what they want to do, and when it comes to things like clean up, they throw a fit. So let’s talk through procrastination today.

Procrastination is, like i said, just a part of human nature. It’s this kind of laziness that ensues. You think that if you can put off doing XY and Z until tomorrow, then you can have fun and party today. But what good really comes out of this?

I don’t know about you, but whenever I find that I’ve procrastinated on something, it usually builds my stress, anxiety, and frustration levels. And whenever I go to do whatever it was that I was supposed to do, it doesn’t turn out right. I can’t seem to get things done right in the right amount of time.

If you’ve ever procrastinated on doing a big paper or studying for finals, then you understand the frustration that goes with not being able to get all of the information that you need in the right amount of time that you’ve left.

So what can we do to work on this? Outside of completely changing your human nature, tip #1 is you can start to plan time for yourself on your calendar each day. Now, it’s important that it actually goes on your calendar in ink. If you just say Oh yeah I’ll just remember to take time for this on this day… then it will never get done. But if you actually put it on your schedule, then you’ll be more likely to get it done.

Tip #2 is to have an accountability partner. There are so many people in life that need the same type of help that you need. If you can set up an accountability partner and just tell them, I’m going to take this hour out of these days of the week to work on these things, and then you can just touch base with each other. It could be throughout the day or throughout the week. Just let them honestly know how your progressing with the things you need to get done. You can share your successes and failures with each other, and through that support each other. It’s important to have people that will support you, hold you up, and also keep you accountable.

So, planning time for yourself is essential. If you don’t do that, when is it going to get done? Unfortunately, there are no magic extra hours in the day or elves to do the laundry. This is why you have to plan time for yourself.

The night before, you’re going to want to take that time to write out the big three things that you have to do. For me I do that every night. Doing that lets us go back to feeling successful and not overloading a todo list. Minimizing your list makes you feel more successful, you get things accomplished, and you’ll be able to single task better. I know that multitasking sounds great, but I’m the worst at it and you might be too. I start on one project and hop to the next and then to another one, and I think I’m making progress and doing it all until i realize that I didn’t actually get anything completed.

What I have to sit down and focus hard on a single task, and get that one thing completed and off of my list. So having only three things on that list makes everything a lot easier. So if you have your big three, then you can really focus on one task and make sure that it gets done to the best of your ability and in the right time frame.

The next tip is to get those things done during your blocked off time. It can be really easy to use your hour to work as an hour to do literally anything but. You need to make it to where that time is your time to your things done. Make sure that your stuff is working out, and that you aren’t procrastinating anymore. Even if it’s something that you really don’t want to do, by scheduling that time and going little by little, you’ll be more likely to achieve those goals.

Imagine that this goes really well with health and fitness (is anyone really surprised that I made this connection?).

So whenever you put off a workout, or signing up for a workout, or put off food prep day, then your results won’t come as fast. However, for the people that are set in knowing what they want, know how they’re going to get that, and don’t put off doing any of the steps to get there, they get there much faster.

And quick note on meal prep, because I know I’ve mentioned it a few times. Usually this is one of the biggest things that stops people because they say they don’t have the time to prep food. Well, if you take a little less time pursuing in the grocery store, you can get home with a little extra time. With that time you can put all of the things that you just bought for meal prep out on the counter and get to work. Prep everything straight out of the grocery bag and then throw them in the fridge when you’re done. Now you know that you’ll actually use those vegetables instead of just letting them sit in the crisper waiting for the meal prep day that will never come.

Also, organic produce lasts a few weeks longer than typical produce. Just remember that you still need to prep it. If you don’t, it will still sit around and go bad either way.

So these are my tips for today. You’ll want to really work on getting rid of procrastination, and working towards better mental, emotional, and physical health. All of this can come with getting things done.

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