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I get a lot of questions this time of year about mini trampolines. People are looking for something easy and quick that they can do from home, and a mini trampoline is something easy to hide from guests and can provide a great workout.

So a lot people think that a mini trampoline is a good idea, and they decide that they want to just run over to the closest store and grab a trampoline and start bouncing. Now that’s great, it’s a great piece of equipment to have. It has a great cardiovascular benefit, it can also work on strength and muscular endurance. However, the ones at the store that you would typically see are a lower quality trampoline that is actually going to cause more trouble than good.

Why is that? Well, the other brands have a very unforgiving mat, and the springs are typically a very flat spring, where my rebounder is beveled- it’s wider in the middle and thinner at the top. And the others trampolines have mats that have more joint impact. So if you have some bad knee issues or ankle issues, you’re going to be feeling those issues the whole time that you’re jumping. A lot of people with problematic knees jump on those trampolines and end up causing more trouble for themselves.

So what’s the difference? Well the trampoline that I have is called the Urban Rebounder. It’s one of my favorite ones, and it’s the one most typically recommended by most fitness companies. The mat is very forgiving, and the beveled springs and the two points for attachment are helping you to down in the mat as opposed to making you push up off the mat. So gravity is helping you when you’re pushing down in the mat, then it’s going to push you up, and you have to learn to control that.

So what does this do for you other than raise your heart rate? Well, every time you balance you work every muscle inside and out. And when you’re on a mat that’s not stable like the ground is, then obviously you’re going to be balancing and therefore working those internal muscles. You’ll be working your pelvic floor muscles, overall the entire body, and if you do it right you can ever get some great benefits outside of the cardio realm with the muscular endurance. And you can even do some interval training on it by maybe stepping off, doing some strength training, and then coming back on it and doing some cardio training.

So what does it look like? Well, if you look at the video above you can get a better sense of it, but I’ll tell you a few quick things about it.

The Urban Rebounder is a little bit of an older model (they now have ones that you can fold in quarters so they fit better in small places), so it just folds in half. Mine also has legs that you can spin and pull off so you can lock them down. This will make it lay flat so it can be easily concealed.

So if you’re on a typical trampoline, you’d be working on jumping up off the mat and really propelling yourself up, landing on a harder surface, and causing that impact. However, on a rebounder it’s a little different. You’re going to want to be pushing down into the mat. What you can actually do is not so much to do it as a kid on a trampoline and try for the height, but pretend like there’s a low ceiling overhead and get into a squat with your knees not too bent and jump into the mat. And as you press into that mat that’s where you’re going to get that benefit from. Now, you can lift your feet all the way off the mat, or you can just lift your heels and just bounce your heels.

Also, these trampolines actually come with a stabilization bar, and that’s a great tool if you don’t have a great sense of balance yet. The stabilization bar actually attaches to the legs, and it becomes very rigid on there and very comfortable to hold onto, so then you can do your jumps. Either way you’re going to get a great core workout as well in staying down low in that squatting position, engaging that core, and pressing down into that mat.

Now remember that you have lots a variations with the feet. A lot of people buy these and have them at home, and then they get bored with them because they continue to jump in one position. But you can do anything from in and outs, to running in place, to twist hops, and a million other different things.

So with a bunch of different ways to use a mini Rebounder trampoline, you may want to consider getting one for home use. It’s easy to store, and good for work on strength and muscular endurance. And if you need help with ideas on how to use your trampoline, our team can help you with that.

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