Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about four things that you must do this weekend in order to be successful next week. This is going to be the first part in a two part series, so be on the lookout for part two coming soon. And if you have any questions about today’s blog, then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

It’s a busy time of year. It’s easy to lose focus. And if you’re not preparing for next week, then next week will come and go, but it will be a nightmare while it does. That’s coming from a mom, from a business owner, from a person who just understands that if I don’t plan ahead, not week is going to feel chaotic.

Those are the days that I go home after work and I say, “What does everybody want for dinner?” And it turns into a 30 minute or hour long battle of, “I don’t know. I can’t decide. Nothing sounds good.” Or we wake up in the morning for breakfast and my type A child comes into my type B child and tries to convince her to eat something that she doesn’t want to eat and then we end up in an all out war over it. Planning ahead is a huge step for success in my family and I know that it can be in yours too.

So, what are the big areas we need to focus on for next week, being that we got a few days to plan for that? Well, the first step is meal mapping or meal planning, whichever way you decide to go about it.

Meal mapping is a more generic form where you’re just choosing what on Tuesday we’re gonna have soup or on Monday, we’re gonna have a meatless Monday and then you kind of choose your recipes from that. Meal planning is where you’re actually specifically planning out the recipes.

Now I’m more of a type A personality, so planning out exactly what we’re eating, not only helps me next week, but it helps me at the grocery store to save money to make sure that I’m only buying the things that I absolutely need. So for me I go through and create a meal plan if don’t already have one. I do like to save my meal plans and then I put them in a notebook and I continue to kind of reuse them as needed.

So maybe I make up four or five for awhile and I use those for a little bit. And then a few weeks later, I may add in some new recipes or completely change it up and make a new one. But that way that I’ve always got something in the back side of my mind that’s ready to go. I don’t have to worry about thinking again and figuring it all out.

In our house, we have a lot of food allergies so sometimes cooking can feel kind of stressful to make sure that we have things that everybody can eat and that everybody wants to eat. And then on top of that, things that we can have leftovers of, so we can have for the next day. So meal mapping or planning, big on our to-do list for the weekend.

Food prep is number two. I know food prep sounds terrible and most people do not want to do it, but even if it’s just prepping like a breakfast and a dinner, just a couple of things. You don’t have to make everything for your whole week and you don’t have to spend 24 hours doing it. If you get vegetables, go ahead and chop them up so you’re more likely to use them. Because we all know if you don’t chop them up now, they’re probably gonna sit in the fridge all week, and by the end of the week they’re gonna be bad. You’re gonna have to throw them away, waste money. I’m all about being frugal and saving money, so let’s make sure that we chop those veggies up now, get them packaged in whatever we need to do.

So i’m going to end part one here, but don’t worry because we are going to pick it right back up in part two coming tomorrow. I hope that you all liked today’s post and hopefully you will try out some of these ideas. I know that meal prepping can be very intimidating to a lot of people. Most of us have seen the perfect instagram posts of a beautiful kitchen and a too calm blogger meal prepping gourmet food for the week. But it doesn’t have to be perfect, what it’s supposed to do is alleviate some of that food related stress, not add to it. So try it out, and maybe it’ll become a part of your weekly routine.

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