Prenatal Training

Prenatal training is known to reduce the risk of complications arising from pregnancy, and positively influence your emotional state.

Prenatal training is essential. Most women know that exercising during pregnancy is safe. The struggles come in knowing what you should and shouldn’t be doing, and what’s good for your baby. Making sure you’re not inactive is incredibly important before giving birth, and prenatal training can help you stay in shape or start an exercise program that’s right for you.

Care for yourself, care for your child and do all you can to live a healthy lifestyle both before and after your baby arrives.

As a pregnancy progresses, the body begins to undergo many changes in order to accommodate a growing baby. Prenatal training offers multiple exercises that focus on posture, strength and cardiovascular endurance, factors that are crucial for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. These workouts can be tailored for the individual, too, allowing you to take part in the likes of Yoga and Pilates, all of which have been designed with women and child in mind. These workouts will also help manage your weight, remain low-risk and lower blood pressure levels.

Get a head start on losing the baby weight and start your child’s life off in the healthiest way possible with prenatal training alongside a complimentary nutritious diet plan.

Embrace Motherhood Together

Experienced and Knowledgeable.

“I would recommend her to anyone I know. Thanks so much, Kris!

I was first referred to Kris by a good friend when I became pregnant. This being my first baby, I was concerned about not being able to work out and gaining too much weight. I started seeing Kris at 15 weeks and am very glad I did!

The first and most important thing I can say about Kris is that she is very knowledgeable not only about the body, health, exercise, and wellness, but about pregnancy as well. Amarillo Fit Mamma was the perfect place for me to turn to as I was worried about what I can and can’t do while expecting. I have learned so much about pregnancy and the importance of eating healthy and exercising while pregnant. Many times I have come to Kris with questions about things that I have heard or read and typically she knows the answer and is able to explain things very well. If there is ever a time that she didn’t know the answer she was always very quick to research and find the best answer and get back to me. So far, at 32 weeks, Kris has been able to keep me feeling good and able to remain as active as possible. With Kris’s help I have been able to keep my weight on track and remain aware of the things that I eat to make sure my baby is getting the nourishment that he needs.

Kris has also been great about working around my schedule. My schedule varies week to week, but she is always great to work with me and get appointments scheduled that work for both of us. She is great at teaching the exercises and making sure the right form is used. The exercises she has given me throughout this pregnancy have been enough for me to still feel active but not pushing my growing body past what I think it can do. I also attend her pregnancy yoga class, which is great for stretching and relaxation.

My due date is April 30th and I already plan to continue with Kris after I have the baby and am released to exercise again. I am confident that she will be able to help me get back in shape in a healthy way. Kris is not only great at what she does, but she is kind, compassionate, and very easy to take instructions and constructive criticism from! I am very thankful I found Kris and am very grateful for her help through my first pregnancy”