Private and Semi-Private Training

We Have Two Options For Our Clients Needs, Private and Semi-Private Personal Training. Private Offers a More Tailored and Personal Experience.


Prenatal Training, Helping Momma's Stay Fit.

Training for Mothers, Helping Mom's Stay Fit Before and After the Baby.


Nutrition Is Key!

Offering Complimentary Nutrition Services To Help Our Clients Stay In Shape and Maintain a Balanced Diet While Reaching Their Fitness Goals.

Why Custom Fitness, LLC will work for you!

Amarillo’s Best All Inclusive Customized Personal Training Experience. At Custom Fitness, We Strive to Find the Best Version of You!


Keep your workouts on-track and focused with trainers who care.


Consistent support to answer any question or problem you may have.


Exercise to your schedule and what fits in with your lifestyle.

We Offer a Variety of Services to Help Our Clients Reach Their Fitness Goals and Maintain a Healthy and Positive Lifestyle.

Fitness Training.

At Custom Fitness we provide both private and semi-private training. Private training is for our clients that would like that personal and individualized focus without training with other clients. Our Semi-Private training is along the same lines except it is done in a small group setting, still allowing for that individualized focus from their trainer but in a more social setting. Aside Personal Training we also offer Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and Fit Camp, see our schedule for dates and times!

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Nutrition Services.

 Being Healthy and Staying Healthy isn’t only about the work-out that you engage in, it also centers around what you ingest into the body. Our nutrition services are complimentary and our trainers will work with you to find out what needs your body has in regards to nutrients and maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

Learn More About Nutrition Services

Pre/Post Natal Training

Prenatal and Postnatal Training offers our clients the chance to explore healthy nutrition plans geared towards eating for two, as well as an opportunity to shed their baby weight and get their bodies back into a healthy place.

Learn More About Prenatal Training

Client Gallery and Testimonials

We get great results with our fitness and nutrition routines.
Check out some of our success stories.

I committed to 1 year; after the first year, I almost lost the 10 lbs.; however, I have gained muscle to replace the fat – that’s a plus, so definitely seeing results and toning up.

Nancy G.Client for 1 Year at This Point.

After three months of working with Kris, I have lost 13.4 pounds, 9.5 inches and gone down two pant sizes------WOO HOO!

Shari E.

Kris has trained me for over ten years and I am sure that without her I would be an invalid. I’m told that I look 60 even though I am 77. Some of it is genes, but much of it is Kris’ training.

Pat K.

My greatest success has been my improvement in muscle tone. Improvements in my health: my acid reflux due to dietary changes; muscle endurance.

Meliea W.

Kris worked with me when I had vertigo in December and a car wreck in March. I enjoy the one on one personal training I get and would recommend everyone to do the free 60 minute consultation.

Norma P.

With the guidance, support and accountability that Kris and her team have provided, I have become much stronger and have tons more energy plus I am 2 sizes smaller!

Melanie P.Client For 6 months.

I do not qualify for the “one workout fits all” category. Kris evaluated me and determined that my problem was that I am so flexible that I was at risk for injury. She customized my workouts so that I would gain strength and function.

Sarah M.

My greatest success has been lowering my weight out of the 190’s and raising my activity levels. Improvements in my health: lowering my blood pressure and increasing my muscle tone and strength.

Michelle B.Client for 4 months at this point.

My greatest success has been feeling more self-confident and regaining the courage to go out and buy a bikini! Improvements in my health: I am not as tired, I have way more energy and overall my quality of life is better.

Tara T.Client for 4 months at this point.

Since starting with Kris, I have found a whole new way of looking at food (especially vegetables). My greatest success has been eating vegetables and losing 16 lbs.!!

Amy R.Client for 6 months at this point.

As I complete each month, I am meeting these goals plus my confidence is on a whole other level. I feel better and can do more things and not get tired.

Jackie W.Client for 4.5 months at this point.

Kris and the whole Custom Fitness team truly believe in their clients. My greatest success has been winning the mini me contest. Improvements In my health: The scales are moving!

Misty G.

I have worked with several trainers in the past, but never found one that approached training in the holistic manner like Kris does. She tailored a program for me around some physical limitations and was instrumental in developing relaxation techniques as well.

Margaret H.Client for 6 months at this point.

I have gone to Kris for four months. I have totally enjoyed the experience and have gained strength and stamina. I will continue because of the increase in energy and strength.

Paula B.

Need to get those flabby old muscles in better shape? Call Kris and the Custom Fitness Team. I did. I may not be Super Woman now but I can do a lot more things than I could before.

Carol N.

After having taking some form of exercise all my adult life, I finally found Kris Stokes and her wonderful program. Hers is an exceptionally fine program. I feel better and am energized by Kris.

Catherine W.

I have a wonderful grand-baby now and I want to be a fun grandma, so I knew I had to do something. Kris has been wonderful. She understood my frustrations and has put me on a routine that has me feeling wonderful. Love Kris!

Staci S.Client for 2 Months.

Knowing that there is a team of people committed to helping me reach my goals of better health, who offer accountability without judgement is always encouraging. My greatest success has definitely been the weight loss.

Diana M.

My greatest success while working with Custom Fitness has been afterwards, feeling more like a woman, which I am, I’m 67. But I really FELT old before starting the training with Custom Fitness. Kris has helped me feel younger and move around better. I even walk differently now!

Judith S.

I came to Custom Fitness when I was 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child. Kris gave me appropriate workouts for each stage of pregnancy. Seven months post c-section, I feel fit and confident.

Amy S.

My greatest success has been looking in the mirror and saying an honest compliment about my body; My overall self confidence has gone up a ton. Improvements in my health: My blood sugar has come down into the normal ranges on a daily basis.

Sarah P.Client for 6 months.

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Why are your prices not listed on your website?

Every client has different goals and needs. At Custom Fitness, we like to sit down with each future client for a fitness consultation to discuss those goals and needs. This way we can customize a solution for the client. We don’t sell “per session personal training” but rather custom client solutions. With that being said, you can get started with us for a little as $90.

What type of environment does Custom Fitness offer?

Our environment is unlike other gyms. We provide an upscale, exclusive feeling from the moment you walk in the door but at the same time, our studio feels more homelike than any you might encounter elsewhere. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable because we know how hard fitness is in the first place, having a place that you can comfortably get to and enter is a big plus.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

We do offer a 21 day guarantee for our services to ensure that we are the right fit for you. If it is not the right fit, it is not worth it.

What can I expect my workouts to be like?

At Custom Fitness each workout for our private and semi-private clients is customized to their unique abilities and needs. For our Small Group Training Clients each workout is customized to the goals of the group. Our workouts include functional training with minimal or no equipment. (You will be shocked at what amazing results you can get without huge machines). We do this to ensure that you are able to perform your workouts anywhere, anytime. Each workout will include the following components: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, and moderate power, etc. Each workout lasts 45 minutes or less but is designed to be highly efficient and effective. Our clients may workout for half the time of their friends outside of Custom Fitness but will definitely see greater results!

I have arthritis, can I participate in your programs?

YES! Arthritis is a condition that creates an absolute need for movement. “If you don’t move it you’ll lose it” is talking about YOU. When arthritis attacks, movement will help ease the discomforts associated with it. Our private and semi-private programs would be perfect for you. We customize each workout around your physical abilities and your goals. We utilize several techniques and programming styles to suit your needs. On the other hand, with our private and semi-private training you will also receive custom nutrition counseling which will lead you into a plan of eating less inflammatory foods which can definitely help the pains of arthritis which are usually made worse with inflammation.

Do you push supplements with your programs?

While we are able to suggest proper supplementation and do offer both Advocare and Arbonne supplements at our studio (neither are on auto draft), the answer is NO. We believe that FOOD is your best choice when it comes to the intake of vitamins and minerals, healing the body and enhancing your health. When needed we are happy to suggest specific supplements that may enhance your body’s abilities, but it’s never a “have to” situation.

Do you offer supplements with your programs?

While we are able to suggest proper supplementation and do offer both Advocare and Arbonne supplements at our studio (neither are on auto draft), the answer is NO. We believe that FOOD is your best choice when it comes to the intake of vitamins and minerals, healing the body and enhancing your health. There are certain situations that might call for the need of a supplement, and if so, we will be happy to discuss why it would be most beneficial, but in the end, the choice is yours to make.

Is Custom Fitness a franchise or chain?

Custom fitness was started in 2006 by Kris Stokes, a native Amarillo’an. We are not a franchise or fitness chain but rather a local business that truly cares about the people of Amarillo and the surrounding areas. “Big business” isn’t something you’ll find at Custom Fitness but rather down to earth people who have a true passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness dreams.

When is the best time to stretch?

Stretching is best done warm. It’s usually best to perform a set of “warm up” exercises to get your workout started and finish with stretching. The same is true even in classes like yoga. You’ll notice that the instructor will start with smaller movements of beginning to stretch and building into the larger movements to create deeper stretches. If you were to stretch “cold”, you would need to make sure not to push your body to your “warm” abilities which could cause harm. Rather, back yourself out by 3-4 inches of the stretch that you would normally perform when “warm” and hold for 30-45 seconds to ensure the muscle has had enough time to elongate.

What is cross training?

Cross Training (not to be confused with Cross Fit) is utilizing several methods of exercises to work the body from all fronts. An example of this might be doing a strength workout on Monday, a yoga workout on Tuesday, a cardio workout on Wednesday and a Pilates workout on Thursday. Combining different modalities of exercise into your current training regimen will give you the most benefit. This can be done by changing daily or even by using periodization where you might train one specific way for the first month and then switch to another one specific way for the next month.

What are the benefits of cross training?

Cross Training (not to be confused with Cross Fit) provides a stronger foundation of health and balance within the body. By utilizing different training modalities and ensuring you are encompassing all of the major physical needs within the body, you will feel better, move better and enhance your workouts to a point that your goals will easily be within reach. You might even feel better in areas that you didn’t realize “didn’t feel good in the first place”.